Charlotte Common

Charlotte Common

Happiness Designer, motivational speaker, explorer, poet, sports woman, visionary, ordained minister, author and Deeper Dating Mentor.

Charlotte is a trail blazer in supporting the unleashing of hidden potential in men and women of all ages. She specializes in empowering others to step into their higher-self purpose, the mysterious, powerful and rich inner castle of potential. She uses the magical gift of reaching for the diamond within. Those longing to unleash all their unique gifts will be encouraged to live the dream of their success and bliss to the maximum.

As a motivational speaker, she has inspired audiences internationally including the Emotional Freedom Radio Show in New Zealand. Charlotte was the guest speaker at a motivational conference in New York, and was also part of a TV show in Mauritius talking about the importance of self-love. She hosted the online summit ‘From Misery to Magic – Love Gone Wrong’ interviewing well known international speakers. Charlotte is also the author of the book ‘The Magic Frangipane and the Shy Coconut’.

Charlotte’s life tells the incredible and powerful story of huge transformation made possible. Her teachings are based on her own transformational journey from misery to magic. Whilst breaking free from social conditioning, she was faced with very hard times. Her spiritual life set her free from the shackles of the past and guided her towards a magical path. With great passion, she teaches those longing to transform their lives how to unleash their inner magic by falling in love with oneself, the past, the dream within.

Charlotte’s excitement for a world, where ageless Gods and Goddesses fulfill their potential on a super happy treasure trail through life, is infectious.

If you search for a new way of life, where all your dreams can be manifested Charlotte is the sentinel with you on your journey to explore the wonder of what is possible for you. She stands guard to the gateways for you to discover your soul’s true nature, so you can create more fulfillment, more courage and finally feel free to be your authentic self. Charlotte has the gift of seeing the bigger picture. Therefore, she teases you in the awakening phase with the Freedom and Potential Feather until you are ready to take off and explore an exciting, fulfilling, fresh and limitless life of abundance.


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Youtube and Podcast Series “THE MAGIC OF YOU” with Charlotte and Zorina

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  • High quality self-care, the road to success
  • From the green-eyed monster of division to the sparkling treasure of unity – addressing female jealousy at the workplace
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  • From Super Woman to Superb Woman – excavating and releasing more treasures from within by finding balance