Corporate Speaking Engagements

We are a global and diverse team of experts that is united by teaching your company SUCCESS. We do this by focusing on the Human factor. 

In our speaking engagements we cover three main directions:

  1. Strategy and Organizational Alignment/Corporate Culture
  2. Organizational Development and Employee Engagement
  3. Employee Wellness

Here are some of the topics we speak on:

  • Success and Strategic Growth through Business with Meaning/Purpose
  • Corporate Alignment through Culture
  • Mindfulness in Organizations
  • Women in Business
  • Emotional Intelligence. Sales Trainings.
  • Leadership and Executive Coaching- Lead by Intuition/Indigenous Teachings
  • Marketing and Internal Communications with Social Media
  • Points of You – Self-awareness, Resilience and Relationship skills
  • Managing stress and achieving emotional resilience

Check out our expert team for some concrete speaking gig titles. We tailor our topics to your speaking engagement needs.

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