We offer training programmes and deliver keynotes to mid-sized and large corporations. Our global team of inspirational speakers and trainers teach business SUCCESSS!

This is how we can support your business:

Strategy and Organizational Alignment

  • Trainings on Business with Meaning, incorporating Strategy and people management. While defining your purpose is at the core of your strategy, meaning connects your employees to your company’s purpose at a whole new level.
  • Organizational alignment, cultural change and transformation with the brilliant participation of an executive, who led the global cultural transformation of global banks.
  • Leadership coaching and mentoring.

Organizational Development and Employee Engagement

Your people are at the heart of your organization. There are no two opinions that you need to take care of them for your business to be successful. Whether you train them on a specific skill, or inspire them by bringing in a motivational speaker, you open their minds to possibilities. Result – increased creativity, more engagement – better results.

Some of the topics we cover as speakers:
  • Women in business: How to be happy and successful? Closing the gender gap.
  • Emotional Intelligence: How to attract customers through language and marketing. Emotional & Energetic Intelligence. Practicing a brilliant way to be human so you can be happy.
  • Practicing effective communication through Mindfulness.
  • Points of you: innovative tools and training for professional and personal development.
  • The Connection process: creating happy relationships

Employee Wellness

Speaking gigs and trainings by traditional and alternative well-being experts. Here are some of the topics:

  • Resilience, tools for stress relief and emotional stability. Rapid transformational hypnotherapy to deal with depression and emotional blocks. Healing nutritional disorders and overall wellbeing.
  • Mindset tools and indigenous teachings for achieving success mindset. Uncovering your true potential.
  • Connecting the heart and the mind – achieving emotional stability and nourishing brilliant relationships. ‘New Life Explorers’ on their journey to create a more fulfilling reality, based on their individual talents.