Recreating your family dynamics in the workplace – Marc Azoulay and Dr. Adi Avivi


UNMET NEEDS: RECREATING OUR FAMILY DYNAMICS IN THE WORKPLACE - 1 hour presented by Marc Azoulay and Adi Avivi, Psy.D. The most difficult task of any leader is balancing the emotions of their teams. Politics, gossip, and bullying can rip apart any workplace in a heartbeat. As psychologists, we know that these toxic patterns stem […]

Seven Easy Ways to Become a More Aware Leader – Clifton Carmody


As we move through these strange times of Covid and we navigate the myriad of social justice issues being raised, no leader has all the answers. But that is okay. The good news is that your people know you don't now. The bad news is that most of us continue to act like we are […]

Crack the code to your career growth with stunning results – Mike Amato


Mike will show you how to crack the code to your career growth into higher levels and avoid the common mistakes most managers make in order to unlock your career potential with stunning results, showing you how to develop a strategic (add) and conscious approach to your career, while improving your leadership reach, stakeholder management […]

Beyond the leadership trends : trust as an invariant of leadership – David Savoy


Introduction : "Since the publication of "In search of excellence" (1982), which enriched only their authors and their publishing house, we have seen many leadership and managerial trends pass. They follow one another and are implemented with more or less success depending on the circumstances. They exist to become outdated. In reality, there is no […]

Quiet, shy, sensitive = overlooked? Personality Diversity revisited – Nicolina Werther


All leadership starts with self-leadership. Whose ideas in your team or organisation get frequently heard, acknowledged, implemented, and whose don’t? Who feels highly satisfied in their career and who doesn’t? What often gets into the way of us contributing most effectively and in a personally fulfilling way, is us working against our natural strengths, abilities […]

The art and science of transforming any relationship – Tolee Fotitzidis


The mind! It is a superb instrument if used rightly. Misused, however, it becomes very destructive. To put it more accurately, it is not so much that you use your mind in the wrong way. You don't use it at all. It uses you. Tolee will start this interactive session with two tests that will […]

The art of creating meaningful connections – IŞILAY ÇABUK

Webinar help you create a fulfilling personal and professional life: You are either the leader of your company, your community or your family, we all need deep connections. Creating meaningful connections rather than transactional ones not only makes you feel fulfilled but also advances you in whatever the intentions you set for yourself. Join me […]

Leadership decision making under risk and uncertainty – Saurabh Mishra


Saurabh is the founder and managing partner at Farmantra S.L. His areas of expertise include corporate finance, valuation, risks and decision under uncertainty. He works as Interim CFO for young biotech/med-tech companies and assists the CEO on making critical decisions using both financial and non-financial metrics. Having worked with several young life sciences companies in the […]

How mindful and compassionate leaders are more efficient – Dr. Natasha Papazafeiropoulou


How mindful and compassionate leaders are more efficient This is a 45 mins talk on existing research but also personal experience on teaching leaders to be more mindful. We explain how leaders in organisations can take care of themselves, improve their concentration with mindfulness and develop skills of compassion for themselves and others in their […]

Leading in agile teams – Strong leadership through vulnerability – Steffen Keller


Coming from a scientific background in Neurosciences, I am a very curious person. Accepting to not know everything allows myself to ask the right questions and to challenge the obvious and the current beliefs. After academia, I started with LIVEsciences as co-founder in 2016. Since then, I had the pleasure to get to know and […]