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Beyond the leadership trends : trust as an invariant of leadership – David Savoy

22.02.2021 @ 10:30 - 11:30 CET

Introduction : “Since the publication of “In search of excellence” (1982), which enriched only their authors and their publishing house, we have seen many leadership and managerial trends pass. They follow one another and are implemented with more or less success depending on the circumstances. They exist to become outdated. In reality, there is no ready-made truth in leadership. There are only choices, more or less rational and effective compromises in infinitely variable contexts. However, there are also invariants, fundamental principles, which remain and pass the generations. Trust is one of them and is deeply rooted in human individual and collective activities. Unlike “leadership trends”, trust is not a “nice to have” : it’s a fundamental requirement, on which are built the successes – or failures – of organizational leadership.”

My bio : David Savoy – thinker, explorer, learning and development specialist. What I do : I help design governance and learning solutions for organizations to make sense of an age-old stumbling block – the “human factor”. My work is at the intersection of science of education, change management, psychology, sociology and philosophy. Today I work as a consultant and did an extensive research on the influence of the informal practices, organizational cultures and their impact on management (master thesis – University of Geneva – 2019).

My services : Consulting, training, coaching, team building

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10:30 - 11:30 CET


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