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Success Mindset for Leaders: Create Meaning in Life and Business – Zorina Dimitrova

17.02.2021 @ 10:00 - 11:00 CET

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This is an interactive one-hour long webinar, where we will do practical exercises of self-reflection to gain insight into your:

  1. Purpose – what is your in-built sense of life direction. How to swim with the current.
  2. Relationships – improve your relationships through self-awareness in 7 easy steps
  3. Mindset – do you have a success mindset and how to acquire it

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About Zorina Dimitrova – Trainer in Creating Success through Meaning in Life and Business, founder of

I teach companies success. I teach people how to be successful under their own terms. Both are connected and interdependent.

Most often than not, businesses see their employees only as an asset, sometimes as a resource but rarely as a group of human beings. Although thought-literature supports that businesses that take good care of their employees are more successful, mainstream corporations shy away from this notion. I teach and train companies and people how to align their business goals with the human perspective to bring out the highest potential in creativity, motivation and confidence. Thus, they can create better growth strategies and execute them successfully.

I come from a background in corporate and business strategy and know well the strategic processes that mid-and-large-sized businesses use. For 4 years now I have mentored businesses and run my own businesses for personal growth consulting.

The trainings that I lead cover the overall theme that I teach – Business with Meaning. Initially, I taught this programme to people who wanted to start their own business but soon realized that mid-sized and larger corporations needed the same knowledge.

Business with Meaning is a new strategy design approach. The leading organizations place Purpose at the core of their strategy. And this means that the organization cares not only about shareholder returns but also about contributing to a higher goal – serving a group of people, the society, or the planet. This is all a great stride forward from the classical textbook approach to strategy (Mission- vision – strategy). And, what if there was even a more rounded approach to strategy? What if the Purpose of the company contributed to the Personal Meaning in the lives of its employees? Yes, then words like employee engagement and strategic alignment start getting real.

I teach companies how to place people at the core of their strategy process. Business with Meaning shows you how to bring out the aptitudes of each individual human in the organization, so that both work towards the same Purpose.

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10:00 - 11:00 CET




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