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Business agility and cultural transformations, through self-organization and evolutionary purpose – Steffen Keller

February 18 @ 11:00 - 12:00 CET

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Steffen Keller is the co-founder of LiveSciences.

Our mission is to contribute to a more sustainable world by catalysing the success within the corporate world. We are keen to be measured on the realised outcomes catalysed by our support.

Unleashing the potential of people is our passion.

We strive to find the best mix of seeding and „rootical“ (radical from the root) approaches in the context of the market and your culture. A more self-organizing agile culture is the best environment to facilitate innovation and growth within this fast changing world.

  • We think it is important to develop specific solutions together with our clients rather than providing unified frameworks
  • We will Catalyse Success with you in a Do It Yourself (DIY) way – educating you in problem solving techniques and explaining themes that challenges have in common
  • We will free up spaces for you to plant the new ideas, by documenting complex problems in an easy way and helping you to break it down in next steps
  • You are given advice in learning industry patterns and how to master these obstacles, ultimately reducing consulting costs substantially
When a group of experts from a certain field come together, you will get a lot of different views on a topic. Generally, that is a good thing, as nobody can possibly know everything. But very often these experts will try to claim their own perspective to be the right one, rather than identifying their situation as a great opportunity to combine their knowledge and move forward.

What you can expect from our experIMENt

Endless discussions are framed by this type of issue. Thus, we asked ourselves what kind of culture and mindset a group of people can adapt to help them shift from stagnation to progression.

Changing the perspective and acknowledging that there is no such thing as “black or white – right or wrong” but many options. And the more sides you see of a topic, the more likely you and your team are to find a solution to deal with it.


Website: https://livesciences.com/


February 18
11:00 - 12:00 CET




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