Tolee Fotitzidis

Tolee Fotitzidis

Personal and Business Strategist

Tolee is a “connector” in the context of connecting the right people to make change happen or connecting the dots to gain the necessary clarity.
With over 15 years of experience as a professional working with global brands, organizations, small businesses, and individuals, he speaks at conferences, is instructing workshops and online courses in various Marketing and Business Topics.
He is also mentoring and coaching individuals to reach that level of understanding that’s required to make a difference in the market.

Tolee works with personal brands, companies, and organizations all over the world and helps them see what’s missing. I support them to develop and to execute meaningful result-driven action plans to achieve lasting growth.

I believe that:
Marketing Works:
Yes, it works. It can deliver tremendous results. And therefore we’ve to be responsible for what kind of stories we decide to tell the world out there.

  • Doing the right thing is not enough:
    It’s not enough to be the “good guy” and to have a “noble purpose”. You need a strategy, clarity, and focus on doing the work that’s going to make the difference.
  • Human business works:
    The time is over where the first one, the fastest or the cheapest won the race. We should start coaching for development instead of performance.
    Digital transformation can only deliver long-term results if we place people over profit.

How Tolee contributes? Proven Methodologies, Tools & Services

  • Teaching Effective Goal Setting
  • Resourceful Implementation of Strategies
  • Accountability during the execution
  • Brainstorming
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Energy Healing (getting rid of limiting beliefs about money, self-worth, etc)
  • Networking – Connecting to the right professionals (PR, Key Partners, Journalists, Promoters, Influencers, Designers, Accountants, Performance Marketers, etc.)
  • Marketing Strategy (Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Offline Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Event Marketing, etc.)
  • Insights (From market research to interpreting results and validating hypothesis)



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