Testimonials for our Team of Experts

Each expert of our global team has delivered outstanding results in their work with companies and individuals spanning from the US through Europe and to Australia. Here’s what some of the clients our experts have worked with share:

N.Wild about Zorina Dimitrova
Course participant - Start a Business with Meaning
Dearest Zorina, I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for the knowledge you are providing and extend my extreme satisfaction with the course you are delivering. I could write pages of praise in your favour however I do understand that you must be busy, nevertheless I must still mention that I am just blown away and can not get enough of the valuable material included in the course. Your presence, delivery of information and your integrity are just first class. Thank you again for everything and kindest regards!
Josephine M. About Charlotte Common
Happiness Design Coaching Client

I had reached a point in my life where I was restless, frustrated and longing for something new. Life had become full of boring familiarities. Deep in my being I knew that there must be more to life. Where could I try and look, where could I find it?

Charlotte’s vast experience in breaking free from the disease of social conditioning helped me to connect with the fun loving, creative and successful woman I am today. Charlotte rocks, and believe me, she has the ability to guide you towards rocking your own transformational process into success.

Paul Southey about Mary-Anne Quezel
Director - A1 Homes
Mary-Anne is wonderful as our business and personal coach. Mary-Anne is incredibly talented, not only with her Business Skills, but her ability to tune into our vision and really help us create the best results. She is straight to the point, at the same time has an empathetic quality about her that really resonates with us. You wont regret using her services, that’s a given. She helps us to succeed and focus our our goals. We love working with her and fully support anyone wanting to take themselves to a higher level with Mary-Anne
MD about Dr. Natasha Papazafeiropoulou
Corporate mindfulness event - Merck
Natasha gave a very enjoyable talk about mindfulness and Ι was actually quite surprised about the effect of just 5 minutes of meditation.

Stefania Tsakiraki about Tolee Fotizidis
Workshop participant
The difference is that I now feel like I have tools in my hands and I feel a heavy responsibility to use them! I owe it to myself and others around me.
Jo Dryden about Mary-Anne Quezel
Advertising Manager - APN News & Media
We used Mary-Anne to coach our Managers, and also our sales team on how to be Media Consultants not order takers. The difference in the team after her sessions was amazing. The tools and ideas they now have to use has already produced stunning results and our clients are receiving a service from us that no other Media Consultant in our market can or has delivered before. Mary-Anne is innovative, uncompromising, demands the best and leaves no room for mediocrity. I have high respect for her teaching methods and her ability to instantly diagnose issues and put in place structure to correct them. Mary-Anne is truly gifted. Maryanne is one of the best tools of the trade I have as an Advertising Manager!
Menelaos Koutsakos about Tolee Fotitzidis
Masterclass Training Participant
I was able to participate in Tolee’s masterclass, which was one of the most important days of my life (although it might sound exaggerated)! With the state of mind that has been communicated to us, I feel that I can now respond to internal conflicts I have for years, as well as directing myself to the path I have always dreamed of!
CS about Dr. Natasha Papazafeiropoulou
Corporate lunch-time event - European Commission
Thank you very much for this lunchtime session on mindfulness. I really enjoyed it and I found Natasha very good and “convincing”! It has motivated me to go on/practice more – because as routine takes over in daily life, it is so good to get a reminder/boost once in a while!’

Gerard Selvam
Digital Marketing - Sensis Australia
Mary-Anne’s Sales and Business Coaching took me to number ONE in Australia. She taught me how to be authentic in front of my clients and gave me business savvy skills, risk management formulas and much more, I could not have done it without her talent. 
Martin Schiffmann about Zorina Dimitrova
Head of Group Performance Controlling and A1 Startup Scout - Telekom Austria Group
I had the pleasure of knowing and working with Zorina while she was working at A1 Telekom Austria Group. Zorina has demonstrated that she learns fast when facing new problems, thus she can not only produce great ideas but is capable of getting them down to earth and successfully implement them. Thanks to her outstanding communication skills and drive for results she has been seen as a highly reputable team player. Zorina is an inspiring personality – I will highly recommend her & would always like to work together with her.