Mary-Anne Quezel

Mary-Anne Quezel

Performance Coach in Sales Capabilities Business Development and Leadership, qualified Teacher for Search Inside Leadership Institute born out of Google

I consider myself an advanced strategist who is highly intuitive with a sole focus on performance. I am customer first always and use my creative and emotional intelligence to increase engagement. How I do that is by creating an empathetic and solid connection whether that be in person, through content or with coaching others. I lead from the front and thoroughly enjoy guiding and coaching staff to find their full potential so they can love what they do.

It is my passion and intention to help others master the connection and engagement required so they can manifest success with every potential opportunity. In my book there’s no such thing as sales, just connection and alignment, and when I teach people how to master that, productivity and revenue increases massively and work becomes exciting.

Its no secret that stress in the workplace has reached an all time high, that is why my skills are superior. I am not only a thorough measurable Performance Coach in Sales Capabilities Business Development and Leadership, I am a qualified Teacher for Search Inside Leadership Institute born out of Google. So what does that mean for you? It means offering each of your employee’s credible insights tools and techniques so they can unlock their full potential and increase revenue like never before.

From there they will be seen and heard as the right choice for your potential business clients plus your current clients will naturally want to recommend them. I have worked with small and large teams in the most competitive environments from within Digital Marketing, Corporate Media and Recruitment companies just to name a few, teaching valuable strategy so the results become consistent and measurable to thrive forward. I have also owned and operated my own Recruitment Business for 9 years had two branches and 25 staff so I know that resilience tenacity and skill is what it takes to succeed.

Lastly, may I recommend that we get together and have a conversation so I can show you how I can add value to your team.

Appreciate your time.

My trainings and speaking engagements are highly tailored to the need of the client but here are some examples of the topics I cover:


  • How to increase productivity alignment and happiness. Emotional Intelligence is key to success.
  • Leadership and Sales Training
  • Together lets unpack the real stuff so you can be happy  (Executive Coaching)
  • How to become a Confident Public Speaker


  • How to attract customers through language and marketing.
  • Emotional & Energetic Intelligence.
  • Practicing a brilliant way to be human so you can be happy.


2019 Search Inside yourself leadership Institute born out of Google Certified Teacher

2011 – 2015 Institute of Business Studies

Diploma in Coaching Diploma in Digital Marketing with Distinction

Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing with Merit

Practitioner Certifications in Neuro Semantics NLP and EFT