Işılay Çabuk

Işılay Çabuk


Işılay Çabuk, ACC, multi-talented and multi-skilled with a diverse education and working background, was always aware of her passion for inspiring change in people.

Starting out informally coaching team members, colleagues and friends, Işılay decided to invest in a full-time coaching career to be able to provide her clients with the support they need. In 2016, after finishing her studies of “The Art and Science of Coaching”, she founded Işılay Çabuk Leadership Coaching.

Işılay’s Executive Coaching business is preceded by 15 years of high level managerial positions at Standard & Poor’s Index and Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services dealing with international companies and over 100 Stock Markets. Her Wall Street experience puts her in a unique position to understand challenges and identify opportunities for the business leaders of today.

Prior to her finance career, Işılay worked as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Coronary Unit in The American Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey where her quick response and critical thinking skills were invaluable.

In her free time she volunteers for art projects, children and education causes, travels, reads, bikes and loves creating art in her pottery studio.

Things people should know about Işılay:

  • She dances every day.
  • On her birthdays she will travel to a place she has never visited

Işılay’s life philosophy:

“The way to inspire others is to be courageous enough to pursue your own dreams”

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