We are past the notion that job success alone can fulfill one’s life. Or are we? 
Sure – it can motivate you and give you exhilaration. But your job, or business is just one expression of your values and qualities. What if you are not able to live your values and express your best qualities at your current occupation? Wait – I’m guessing you have not thought about it. In any case, the evidence is there – in your level of fulfillment and happiness.

I was writing a pitch proposal for a talk on Family and Relationships in the context of Business Success and it occurred to me: for lots of people it is a question of choosing between family and career, or prioritizing which comes first, or in the best case “juggling between” family and career (imagine the level of stress there). All aspects of your life are an expression of your way of thinking, and the way you think spurs out of your values – that will lead you to your purpose and will create meaning in your life. So, there is a process of ordering your life and it all starts with self-reflection and leads to happiness and fulfillment.

One of the trainings that offer to my individual clients is Start a Business with Meaning, which integrates getting clarity about the most important aspects of one’s life – including family and relationships. This is also one of the major pillars of my training ‘Business with Meaning’ for businesses.

Building of a happy family to me is a part of living with meaning, which is what the course is really about. Business is only a product of one’s philosophy of life – values, purpose (meaning). To live a life with meaning one should get crystal clear on the important and uncompromising aspects of one’s life that would make them happy.

I talked about Success and Meaning in the online summit “The New Game of Leadership”.
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