When we talk about Health and Wellness, what does it mean to you? If you are like most people, it probably means you are free form any serious illnesses and aches, you have a reasonable level of body fitness and you don’t suffer from depression.

Do you feel this bar is already set high? Well, let’s try to push it a bit higher even.

I run, where I host a number of wellbeing experts that use different practices to help you live well – nutrition, spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, finding your purpose and more. Most of them, including myself, use holistic methods.

Heidi Gregor, for example is a holistic health, beauty and charisma coach, whom I recently interviewed for our Healnlearn video channel and podcast. She talked about the misconception that ageing, greying hair, having chronical illnesses etc. are normal bodily processes. She talked about the human as a holistic being, whose wellbeing is shaped by our mindset, emotions and habits and that these define our overall wellbeing. When this holistic system works at its best, we are even not susceptible to viruses.

Now lets give this definition of holistic health a nudge to push it even further:

You know how, mothers lift trucks to save their children that were stuck underneath? Or people that have miraculously healed from 4th stage cancer, or others, who started walking after doctors had told them they would never move out of a wheelchair?

These are the unstudied and little researched ‘miracles’ that we hear about all the time.

They are caused by the drive of HUMAN WILL.

If someone is not facing an extreme peril that requires them to summon up all their supranatural powers, then it is their drive to accomplish a life mission that ensures their health and wellbeing. Terminal illness survivors often talk about their remission being due to the fact “they couldn’t just die”, because they had something important to accomplish. They had children to take care of, or a grand life goal. And this motivated them to live.

The vital energy that runs through us and that makes us well and healthy amplifies when we are motivated. This energy is a life force. It is inspired by a life goal, a goal that fills us with passion and purpose.

Zorina Dimitrova MBA

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