Author: Zorina Dimitrova

The time has come to stop pretending we are different people at work. People do not become rational thinking machines just because they go to work. As a mater of fact, these are exactly the same people who successfully manage their families and their lives, feel emotions, have personal development goals and philosophical pursuits. Dividing our lives into pieces, or roles, is very detrimental to our psychology. Because it is pretense.

The same way people need mental, and emotional support as individuals, do they need to be taken care of at work. More and more employers become openly aware about the importance of mental health, emotional and social competences within their organizations. 

In the industry, where I used to work, there were severe cases of stress among employees that lead to mental issues and suicides. All due to business downsizing, or the fear of it. Downsizing is a part of business, you’d say, it’s the responsibility of the individual to take care of their own life. I tend to (strongly) disagree!

Businesses need to take care of the well-being of their employees, not only because of the more and more obvious societal expectation but also because of good business practice.

Companies that provide trainings on work-place inclusion, closing the gender gap, career progression for women, or personal development, set themselves for success in the (not so) long run. Not only, does this create a more friendly corporate atmosphere. It increases engagement and productivity.

Even more so, the new power workforce, the millennial, requires workplace environments that accommodate for their philosophical interests and spiritual pursuits. Earning the dime at work is no longer enough.

As I am observing the market for personal development and “alternative well-being solutions”, I know that more and more corporations are waking up to unleashing employee engagement through consultations and courses in the realm of personal development. Many of the experts on I work with already provide coaching and trainings to businesses. So, this is where Healnlearn is going next.

“Take care of your employees and they will take care of the customer”, said Richard Branson.